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Valley Auto Care has helped thousands solve their car, truck and SUV tire related issues. From helping you select the proper new tires you need, to diagnosing any alignment problems, we can work with your specific situation to quickly get you back on the road with a vehicle ready to face the unpredictable Minnesota seasons. If it's style or improved handling you're after, Valley Auto Care of Apple Valley Minnesota can offer virtualy unlimmited selections of custom wheels. Any size, any style and at a great price.

We are experienced in tire replacement, tire repair, tire rotations, tire vibrations, tire alignments, flat repair, tire balancing and more.

I'm noticing excess tire wear on the edges:

Commonly due to warn chassis parts such as a ball joints, tie rods or mis-alignment.

My car pulls to one side while cruising:

Oftentimes this is due to unequal tire pressure, mismatched tires or because the front end needs aligning.

My car's front end vibrates at high speeds and the steering wheel shakes:

Typically this is caused by the wheels being out of balance or because the front end needs aligning.

Our Apple Valley service centers carry all tire brands including but not limited to:

  • BFGoodrich

  • Bridgestone

  • Continental

  • Cooper

  • Dean

  • Dunlop

  • Firestone

  • General

  • Goodyear

  • Hankook

  • Kumho

  • Michelin

  • Nokian

  • Pirelli

  • Toyo

  • Uniroyal

  • Yokohama

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