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Shocks, Struts, Joints, Arms and Other Suspension Component Repair and Replacement

When your front shock struts or rear shock struts go bad, they generaly need to be replaced. Because of a pressurized system, the compression in each shock will depleat over time. As part of regular maintenance, they should be replaced approximately every 60,000 miles to keep your vehicle riding smooth and prevent damage to other components. If left un-repaired, bad shocks and struts develop into a serious safety hazard and will often create pre-mature tire wear.

Contact your Apple Valley shock and strut repair centers to confide in us about your car, truck or SUV concerns. We will work hard to get your vehicle back on the road as safely and quickly as possible.

Common symptoms of suspension problems:

  • Clunks over bumps
  • Drives like a "boat"
  • Car keeps bouncing after a stop
  • Excessive dipping when applying the brakes

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